Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rage Quit Eve Online for Money

Given all the people quitting (or allegedly quitting) EverQuest 2 over the EverQuest 2 Extended F2P service, I got a kick out of this contest that Eve Radio is going to run.

Have you ever thought of Rage quiting EVE? Now you can, and be rewarded for it! CCP have offered us $200 of EVE Store vouchers to give away. All you need to do to get them is rage quit ... well not really :) just your best imitation.

As you know people have a tendency to go a bit overboard, and that's what we want you to do to poke a bit of fun at the rage quitters, most of which don't actually then quit!
We want the most outrageous and over the top lampooned Eve related rage quit in the history of the world. It would contain a basic storyline (Pirate blew up my hauler with all my stuff and now I'm gonna quit) the real world repercussions of said action (My ISK farming father is going to beat me to death) and why the offending pirate should die a horrible real world death because they are a heartless mother f**ker (I'm a paraplegic in real life and I've been steering my ship in Eve with my head wand for 4 years AND YOU JUST TOOK MY REASON FOR LIVING AWAY FROM ME).

Or CCP changed my ship so it has 2 less HP, I can no longer complete my missions exactly the same way I have since I joined as a beta player. I can no longer play, as I can only play for 7.24 minutes at a time due to my blood sugar level. I'm going to quit all 200 of my accounts!
So we want you to record a 60-90 second rage quit for us and then send it to a special email address (to be announced).

A set of Judges will reduce the entries down a bit and the best will be played on one of the weekend shows.

The best of those one as voted by the listeners will walk away with $100 of store vouchers, with two runners up bagging themselves $50 each.

Winners announced during Wiggles show next Monday.
More details to be announced as we work them out :) So keep you eyes out on our website and ears on the broadcast, and start raging yourself up

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