Monday, August 30, 2010

Global Warming Debate In Eve Online

I saw a slightly amusing debate in the Crime and Punishment section of the Eve Online forums.  The OP claimed that suicide gankers contribute to global warming.  Well, I guess EVERYTHING contributes to global warming, so why not suicide ganking in an internet spaceship game?  And as in real life, this claim brought out some detractors.

The first was from Rentable Muffin, who provided a chart that indicates the opposite.  More pirates equals less global warming.  Remember, if it is in a chart, it must be true.  Especially if the chart is on the internet.

Ran Kanon made the argument that the OP needed to look at the bigger picture...
As if they have more hours to spend on the game to make up for their losses ...

Even if they would, griefers would easily compensate that by making people quit the game and/or rage log. Also the graphics cards and cpu's of ship spinning war targets consume less energy than in-space gameplay. So in fact ... suicide gankers and other forms of 'grief play' mean less of a carbon footprint for EVE's total player base.

Be green and grief! For a better tomorrow ...
Die Inafire laid out a blueprint for saving the environment...
1.- Bearcare
2.- Get Suicide-Ganked (or regular Ganked)
3.- Emoragequit
4.- Turn off computer, turn off AC
5.- Open Door
6.- Enjoy sunlight and fresh air

Suicide Ganking = Lowering the Carbon Footprint one Carebear at a time
Troll Brigington predicted the name of Al Gore's next movie: "Inconvenient Gank".

And of course, someone used anecdotal evidence to argue against the OP.  In this case Harrigan VonStudly...
LIES! Everyone knows if there was really global warming from man made activities, in this case claiming suicide ganks is the cause, there would be no more ice belts for carebears to mine in. I do believe Hulkageddon Mackinaw kills in ice belts puts a bullet in the head of your little theory here. Just saying.
And of course, in true Eve (and C&P) fashion, Logical Chaos tried to make some money off the claim.
I have a Charon full of Carbon for you. I am willing to contract it to you for 500mil, we both know that you are the one that should take care of it.
Can you tell I didn't get to play all weekend?

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