Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Year In Eve Online

Have I really played Eve Online for a year already?  Yes I have.  Sometimes looking back is a good thing.  So first, what have I accomplished over the last year?

Member of Eve University - I spent 5 1/2 months in Eve University and learned a lot of good things.  Along the way I participated in a POS takedown in wormhole space and got on my first kill mail during a Eve Uni-Privateers war.  The fact that the kill was of BC Hastings, the CEO of the Privateer Alliance's executor corp, is an example of how the events that can happen in Eve make the game.  And I almost forgot about the pilgrimage to Eve Gate I made, with an assist from a jump bridge provided by titans from IT Alliance.

Faction Warfare - Okay this isn't an accomplishment since I failed to kill anything in my month in Thukk U.  But it was a nice introduction to flying solo through low-sec.

Khumaak Flying Circus - As real life became crazier, I left the pvp world and created my own corporation, the Khumaak Flying Circus.  The corporation is a tax haven from the 11% tax I would pay if I was in one of the starter corporations.  I've created some of my goals that I'm working toward now in order to advance my corp.

I haven't done what?  Yes, I am probably not playing the game right, but I haven't done a couple of things that may surprise some people.  First, I have only flown Minmatar or ORE ships, except for a Gallente shuttle required by a mission.  I decided early on that I would not fly ships I didn't feel I could fly well.  My philosophy concerning my skills training is to concentrate on skills that allow me to fly Minmatar ships well.  Well, that is when I'm not working on industrial skills or skills that might help gather greater rewards from running missions.

The second may be more surprising.  I have never flown a level 4 mission.  I have the faction on Rosewalker to do it, but I'm working on faction with Core Complexion and I really want Wandering Rose to be the one grabbing the missions from the agent.  I'm almost there.

The final surprise is that I have never flown a battleship.  Currently the largest combat ship I fly is a Hurricane, and that I only bought recently.  With my lack of playtime, I just don't have enough money to fly (and lose) one yet.

My ships.   So how many ships do I have?  Right now the big ships I own are 2 battlecruisers, although overall I own 4 tech 2 ships.  My most valuable ships right now might be the ships that CCP has given away that I own, the Zephyr and the Primae.  Going through my inventory I don't think I need to purchase anymore Rifters.  I kept buying them to prepare myself for stints of PvP, but then I forget I have them.  Maybe the next time I get the urge, I'll remember this post.

Assault Frigates
1 x Jaguar

1 x Cyclone
1 x Hurricane

Covert Ops
1 x Cheetah

3 x Bellicose
2 x Rupture
1 x Scythe

2 x Thrasher

4 x Burst
3 x Probe
14 x Rifter
2 x Slasher
6 x Vigil

3 x Mammoth
4 x Wreathe

Mining Barges
1 x Covetor
1 x Retriever

1 x Prowler

Other (Special giveaway)
2 x Primae
2 x Zephyr

Eve Online isn't a game where players can rest on their laurels.  The game is more enjoyable when you have goals, but players have to create their own goals.  So what do I want to accomplish by the end of my second year?

Cool ships.  By next August I want to own and fly an Orca.  Why an Orca?  All that lovely cargo space.  A 40K m3 corporate hanger, 50K m3 ore hanger and 30K m3 cargo hold.  Plus all of those lovely mining bonuses.  If I am going to own a capital ship, an Orca is what I want.

My second ship goal is to own all the sub-capital Minmatar ships.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get that much money, especially after buying an Orca, but it is a goal to shoot for.  Actually, I reserve the right to ammend this goal if I can't learn all the skills to fly the ships.  I think I'll be able to do that, though.

Show me the money!  Buying all of those ships is going to take a lot of money.  So how do I plan on doing that?  I've got 4 ideas.  The order of priority I'm placing on them are:
  • Develop perfect refining.  My slow faction grind with Core Complexion is continuing and hopefully by the end of the month Wandering Rose will have the 6.67 faction required to have perfect refining in the npc corporation's stations.  Having perfect refine will not only make my mining more profitable once I resume doing that, but will make refining mission loot more profitable as well.
  • Establish a data core mining operation.  With 2 characters, I should be able to establish relationships with 10 research agents with a bit of skill training.  Currently I am only running one R&D agent.  If I want some good income, I need to improve on that fairly quickly.
  • Begin doing courier contracts.  I had some fun doing the NPC trading/hauling before planetary interaction changed the market.  Since Rosewalker can fly a Cheetah and Wandering Rose a Prowler, sneaking though low-sec carrying cargo, while probably not all that profitable, sounds like fun.
  • Planetary Interaction.  I have not engaged in any type of planetary interaction game play, and from what I've heard the feature involves a lot of attention and clicking.  I probably wouldn't have the time to make it a real money maker, but I should experiment to see how it can supplement my income.

Wormhole Operations.  So far I've either gone into a wormhole as part of a 100+ ship Eve Uni fleet or as part of a Eve Uni Wormhole 101 class.  I'd really like to find a Class 1 or 2 wormhole and do a little exploring.  While that is a ways off, I'd like to do that at least once before next August.

Ramping up production.  Currently the only manufacturing I do is producing ammunition and drones.  I'd really like to step my activity up a notch, but I'm not sure how much time I will have, which is why this is at the bottom of my priority list.

When I look at this list, these goals sound like something I can do solo.  While Eve is a game meant to be played in corporations, I have the feeling that real life would get in the way.  Right now my work schedule is crazy and I don't see it slowing down for a few months.  And then there is possible travel.  Over the last two months I've spent two weeks in Bulgaria and a week in London.  With any luck I can get sent overseas a couple of more times, which cuts into any commitment I could give a corporation.  Would I like to get into a big corporation?  Sure.  I had fun in my time in Eve University, one of the largest corps in the game.  But as they say, RL > Eve.

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