Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EQ2 Patch Notes: August 24, 2010

SOE is pushing out another patch today for EQ2.  The only difference between the EQ2 Live and EQ2 Extended versions concerns the AA slider bar when a player upgrades to gold membership.  Also the changes to the Mastercrafted tags on items is designed so that Bronze and Silver members in EQ2 Extended do not have access to items labeled Mastercrafted that are really Legendary or Fabled in quality.  The version from EQ2 Extended is below.


  • Increased mentoring xp bonus given when mentoring another player.
  • The experience bonus for having players mentor you adds the percentage displayed in the tooltip rather than modifying the base experience from killing a monster.


  • Dynamic icons on the world navigation map will now continue to update after reloading the UI.
  • Fixed an error in the maintained window causing an icon to become stretched.
  • UI Modders can now disable the snapping behavior of the XP bar by setting the “EnableSnapping” property to false.
  • When you upgrade to gold your AA slider will remain at 50 until changed and will not default to 0.


  • All bell travel should now have an option to enter Freeport or Qeynos directly depending on your alliance.


  • Mastercrafted items that are actually better than Mastercrafted will now say so (such as MASTERCRAFTED LEGENDARY or MASTERCRAFTED FABLED).
  • (Fan Faire request!) City Tokens are now also worth status.  Guildhall Commodities Exporters and Sanya the General Goods merchant at City Festivals will now pay 250 status points for them, if you don’t wish to use them to purchase festival goods.
  • The five mounts that were missing from the mount merchants have been returned.
  • The following mounts now move at +25% movement speed: Gorowyn Destrier, New Halasian Courser, Kelethin Courser, and Neriak Destrier.
  • The Skyblade Skiff received by platinum fan faire attendees is now claimable one per character instead of one per account.


  • Kinetic Barrier, Elemental Barrier, Combat Expertise, Suppressed Rage, Free Movement and Reflection should no longer send error messages to the chat log during PVE Combat.


  • New Halas Citizens with the quest "A Final Froglok Word" will now find they can continue conversing with Lady Erillis and complete the quest.
  • Recipes for the new Steamfont tradeskill quest line now require the appropriate level of fuel.


  • Pets should no longer trigger retributive effects when fighting the sages Mandoril, Medorius and Mikla.
  • Zone in should only zone the individual player instead of the entire raid.


  • All instances of "Amythest Pond" have now been corrected to "Amethyst Pond" in Greater Faydark

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