Wednesday, September 1, 2010

EQ2 Patch Notes: September 1, 2010

Today a lot of players of EQ2 Extended are going to get what they asked for.  Classes can now be purchased!  I want to play a mystic, and now I'll be able to.  Also available is limited access to the broker.  The way I hear SOE is doing it makes sense, and will probably need to be a post of its own.  But for now, here are today's patch notes fresh from Amnerys:

  • Classes can now be purchased individually off the Marketplace and through character creation.
  • Armor crates have been added to the Marketplace selling sets of armor for all levels.
  • You can now purchase Broker Credits from the marketplace!
  • Broker Credits can be used for a one-time purchase or sell action on the broker for Bronze and Silver members.
  • Selling and purchasing stacks of items count as a single broker credit so use them wisely!

  • The XP bar will now stay put through relogging.
  • The bonus xp from max level characters now displays properly at character select.
  • Your UI settings should now be restored after using the /loadui command.
  • The mini-map zone name will now display correctly after using /loadui.
  • Fixed a bug where using /loadui while banking would keep you from using the banker until you zoned or logged out.
  • Fixed a highlight bug on the city selection page of character create.
  • Parts of the achievement interface and all of the paperdoll windows that were red will now be blue when loading the “Default Blue” skin.
  • The background color of the paperdoll is now exposed to the UI files via the PaperdollBackgroundColor property.
  • Fixed a bug causing coin to not be draggable to the coin section of the Character window.
  • The Character window has undergone a few changes:
  • The Auto-Inventory area has returned.
  • The stats dropdownbox has been replaced with buttons
  • The main tabs were moved back to the top of the window, sub-tabs were moved to the bottom.
  • Your character’s name was moved to the titlebar.

  • The item of the week will display the item of the week description rather than a copy of the message of the day.
  • The Sentinel’s Fate Daily Mission now appears on the Welcome screen.

  • Adventurers looking to worship Anashti Sul and on the quest "Gathering Feathers" should now be able to locate the necessary scroll within Gorowyn's Grand Atheneum.
  • Darklight Wood: You can now defeat ghoulish Nerian to update your quest.
  • Feral Citizenry: Ghoulish Nerians should no longer remain in an “unattackable” state after being exposed to the Strobe of Innoruuk.
  • The statue of Razorwing Steeldown within "Ascent of the Awakened" will now grant a replacement "Totem of Aaryonar" to anyone who has lost it and completed the quest "The Riddle of Razorwing."
  • The "Totem of Aaryonar" is no longer removed upon completion of the quest "Feeding the Flames.”  It is now removed upon completion of the quest "A Final Froglok Word."

  • Troubadors who have completed the quest "An Ayonic Journey" can now read all of the pages within the book, "The Case of the Lost Lute."
  • The wicked wand of malice has been altered. The effect attached to the wand is now an on equip effect. The 10% cast speed on hostile spells has been changed to a generic 10% cast speed mod attached to the item.
  • Roehn Theer: Godslayer Breastplate rewards have been made more in line with the challenge.
  • Shroud of the Faithful is now claimable one per character.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with Dendroxa the Envenomed.
  • Stigmatic Frenzy now correctly triggers on the caster's group.

  • Damage Reflection abilities can no longer do more than 300% of the max health of the caster before Crit Bonus and Potency.
  • Chilling Invigoration is now correctly modified by the Inquisitor's stances.

  • Stonebrunt Highlands: NPC Combatants found outside of Quel’ule should no longer fly up into the sky.

  • Drop rate of the "Ornate Winged Eye" has been increased and should now drop even if mobs are grey.


  • There should now be a new respawn area in the beginning section once the first two groups of Zeklings have been defeated, thus keeping the circle of death from occurring.


  • Kastus & Odaufe should no longer one shot players with their respective frostbite damage shields. It is still recommended players not hit them with the wrong damage type however as they can still easily kill players with them.
  • Kastus & Odaufe should no longer regain their damage shields if not killed quickly enough after being hit with the ice axe.

  • Mosaasus now has a smaller hitbox area.

  • Players now have more time to get to the platforms to prevent his adds from coming to life.


  • Zone-in issue has been fixed.

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