Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eve University Does It Again

Eve University gets wardec'd.  The aggressor corp stays in their home system and doesn't give the student body a challenge.  The leadership then decides to go after an old foe's assets inside a wormhole because revenge is a dish best served cold.  Sound familiar?

History repeated itself in July as the Eve University leadership used what appears to be a faildec by Black Water Mercenaries as cover for action against Adventures of the Gummi Bears.  But this time, instead of capturing 2 POS, Unista fleets destroyed 18 Gummi Bears' POS.  According to the Eve University killboards, the Unistas managed to destroy 9.6 billion isk in Gummi Bears ships and assets, including an Archon-class carrierAccording to reports, the Gummi Bears could have avoided the losses by apologizing for wardec'ing the Uni.  They refused.

Silentbrick, Eve University's Fleet Admiral, had this to say about the campaign, which the leadership named POS Takedown 101:
"Eve Uni never forgets our friends or our enemies.  Gummy was unrepentant about their dec, their desire to kill newbies and pad their  killboard.  Eve Uni is unrepentant about kicking our enemies in the forks until they squeal for mercy.  It doesn't matter how long it was since the crime they committed to earn their -10 standings from the Uni.  If we find you in a place where we can hurt you, then we will.  It as Keld so bluntly put it, a lesson for our students and for our enemies.  Our students are learning about Wormhole and POS warfare as well as patience and our enemies are learning that the newbies have teeth and will fight back."
The article from the Eve University School of Journalism was not published until 31 August, thus the delay in posting the news here.  I guess I really need to start reading Silentbrick's blog.

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