Monday, September 20, 2010

Eve Radio Raises $1500 for Pakistan Relief

Sofia, BG - Whenever a big scam like Titans4U occurs, Eve players will point out that CCP does not convert ISK, the in-game currency of New Eden, into real life money.  Well, that is true most of the time.  On Wednesday CCP Fallout announced the PLEX for Good: Pakistan campaign.  Running from 15 September to 6 October, the campaign will convert donations of PLEX, the 30-day in-game time cards that can be purchased with in-game currency.

As he did during CCP's PLEX Aid for Haiti campaign, Eve Radio's DJ Blacklight held a radiothon Saturday and in 3 hours raised over 32.5 BILLION isk, surpassing the 13 billion isk he rasied earlier this year for the Haitian relief efforts.  As Blacklight wrote on the Eve Radio website:
"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Listeners of EVE Radio - I am officially impressed with you.

"Following a bit of 'pimpage' from my fellow EVE Radio DJs, tonight I ran my PLEX drive for the CCP PLEX for Good : Pakistan campaign, and I managed to pull in the sum total of 32,558,000,000 isk - 32.558 billion.

"Quite frankly, I am amazed at the generosity and kindness of those who donated - especially Toxic Marc (1.5 billion), Firefly4 (6 billion) and definately Huyai Tsukurit (17.3 billion)

"I have a number of contracted items to sort through and sell, but the current total of PLEX gathered for this campaign currently stands at 98 - that's $30 short of donating $1500 US - from a 3 hour show.

"I will be selling the rest of the contracted items over the next couple of days, and plan to donate the PLEX to CCP's ingame character during next week.

"Once again, many many thanks to all of you who have donated - this does in fact mean a great deal to me, and I am humbled before you all at your generosity and charitable spirit."
For those Eve players wishing to contribute, the campaign for Pakistan continues until 6 October.  But for those wishing to contribute and don't have enough cash to contribute a PLEX themselves, efforts like DJ Blacklight's give players with smaller wallets a chance to contribute.

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