Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Khumaak Flying Circus

I set up the Khumaak Flying Circus as a tax haven for when Rosewalker left Thukk U.  But I decided that I would have some fun and try to develop the corporation a bit.  As part of that I came up with the description below that displays in-game.
The Khumaak Flying Circus in named in honor of Drupar Maak, the slave who killed Arkon Ardishapur, the royal heir to the Ardishapur family, on Starkman Prime and began the great slave rebellion that eventually led to the formation of the Minmatar Republic. Drupar, who served as Arkon’s personal secretary, killed the Amarrian royal heir with his own ceremonial scepter, called a Khuumak, when Arkon was on the verge of discovering that Drupar was a ringleader of a planned revolt. In honor of Drupar, the slaves began arming themselves with imitation khuumaks, calling them khumaaks. It is the makeshift weapon of the slaves, not the sacred symbol of their Amarrian masters, which the corporation is named after.

Another reason for honoring Drupar Maak is that the Vherokior tribe is an offshoot of the Starkmanir tribe. Arkon’s successor Idonis ordered the extermination of the Starkmanir in retribution for his father’s death, but a few years ago New Eden learned he had failed. The name “Khumaak” is a reminder of when the Starkmanir led the revolt and not what our cousins turned into during their escape from the Ardishapur family’s vengeance.

Currently the Khumaak Flying Circus is establishing relationships in the Metropolis region and can offer perfect refining of scrap metal as well as minerals found in high security Empire space to members in the more advanced Core Complexion stations.
I don't know how inviting this description is, but I did get someone who wanted to join in the day after I posted it.

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