Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chribba's System Now At Sov 2

Eve Online is so big that keeping up with events takes a lot of work.  Now that I'm on vacation I have the time to read more blogs and catch up on events.  So I was happy when reading K162space to discover that Chribba now owns Unity Station in Providence.

The beginning of the idea happened back in August when Chribba found an unanchored TCU in Scalding Pass and seized sov in N3-JBX.  After Pandemic Legion destroyed the TCU, Chribba mentioned that if he ever set up shop in null sec, he would want to do so in Providence.  And now, 3 months later, Chribba holds sov 2.

Looking at the map, 9UY4-H is only 4 jump out from high-sec with Agony Empire, Circle-Of-Two, Star Fraction, Sodalitas XX, and Teutonic Guard currently holding sov along the routes to Chribba's system.

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