Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Next?

Eve Online is a game that works best when a player has at least one goal.  Now that I've met my goals of perfect refining skills for my industrial pilot and the ability to purchase jump clones for my corporation, what's next?

For Rosewalker, the next step is battleships.  I figure I'll have the skills to adequately fly either a Tempest or a Maelstrom in about a month.  In the meantime, I'll do the occasional level 4 combat mission and continue running 5 research agents to gain the money to actually buy the ships.

Why a Tempest instead of a Maelstrom?  While some people want to fly a blockade runner and be Han Solo, I'd rather fly a Tempest and be John Rourke.

For Wandering Rose, the future holds the Orca.  She is training for her Core Competency Standard certificate as a basis for solid skills to fly the expensive ship.  She will also train a few combat skills, especially those involving drones, just in case combat happens.

In the economic sphere, Wandering Rose will start investigating planetary interaction and hauling.  Well, I shouldn't say start.  I'm experimenting with a couple of colonies and have already made plenty of mistakes.  All I can say is, math is hard.  I've also fulfilled 5 courier contracts and I don't think I'll ever get rich doing them.  However, if I take up hauling full-time, it will be because I enjoy doing it, not to get rich.

How about the future of Khumaak Flying Circus?  If I decide I like hauling, then I think the corporation will take on a vertical integration model.  I'll start making tech 1 industrials and the equipment to fit them properly.  If I find that interesting, then I can start thinking about tech 2 production.

When I first started playing Eve Online, I wondered how I could do in an economic environment that was much more advanced than the one in EverQuest 2.  I think I am ready to start finding out.  I just hope I really like hauling.


  1. Good luck! These might help:

  2. Would you believe I actually read both of those posts before I signed up for Eve? Very good, both of them.