Monday, November 8, 2010

Flying Old Ships And Other Things

In real life, I'm on vacation this week, which means it is time to go to work in New Eden.  That's right, traveling to Europe three times this year is enough travel for me.  Besides, I really, really need to relax and unwind.  So I'm going to read some of Eric Flint's 1632 series of books and finish grinding up the Khumaak Flying Circus' standings to 8.0 with Eifyr and Co so I will have the ability to buy jump clones.

The grind is actually reaching a very relaxing state.  I've finished doing level 3 advisory missions for Nagalti Vuifnker and have moved on to the level 4 production missions for Hegomir Torstan.  But the last mission I did for Nagalti was a doosy: The Blockade.  Wandering Rose flew Rosewalker's old Cyclone while Rosewalker flew his Hurricane.  During the mission I realized something.  Even though Wandering Rose is an industrialist, there is nothing wrong with her capacitor and fitting skills.  I had set up the Cyclone to run a shield permatank with Rosewalker's skills and Wandering Rose could now run the tank as well.  Once I realized that, I was able to relax and finish the mission.

I actually started to worry about running the level 4 courier missions for Hegomir because the first one required hauling 7200 m3 of cargo.  I've rigged my Prowler for speed and agility, not cargo, so I had to fly my Mammoth.  I hadn't flown it in so long I didn't realize what all the ship handling skills I've learned in the meantime have meant to how the ship handles.  A six jump trip was really not as bad as I feared.  And after the first one, I was able to perform the rest of the courier missions in my trusty Prowler.

After the weekend I have got the corp's standings with Eifyr and Co up to 6.10.  I can see 8.0 from here.

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