Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Cyclone Tanks Good

In my quest to get the Khumaak Flying Circus' standings with Eifyr and Co up to 8.0, I've been running missions for Hegomir Torstan, who is listed in the production division.  I'm starting to wonder if he really is.  According to EVElopedia, a production agent should give out 91% courier missions, 6.5% kill missions, and 2.5% mining missions.  I know I'm not getting that.  I'm getting a lot of mining missions.  And yesterday I received Blockade Level 4.

Now, I discovered that Wandering Rose can run the permatank on Rosewalker's old Cyclone this weekend, but I didn't know how well it would hold up until I ran The Blockade.  The Cyclone didn't really have a problem tanking the damage until getting into the last room.  Three battleships?  No problem.  Four battleships?  That was a bit of a problem but Rosewalker's T2 artillery in his Hurricane along with Wandering Rose's T1 artillery fire and ten Warrior Is were able to kill a battleship first and I was safe again.  At the end, the Cyclone was the focus of five battleships.  The damage to the shields slowly accumulated and I thought I was going to have to warp out.  But the target ship was leashed to a spot, thus reducing the amount of fire the Cyclone was taking, and the fleet fire took out a battleship and at that point it was just flying around pouring titanium sabot rounds into battleships until the last one popped.

I guess that I should add that my Eve University background has come in handy when setting up my ships.  The wartime SOP states that all ships larger than a cruiser must have a T2 tank.  I've kept that philosophy when building my ships and I was able to run The Blockade successfully with a two battlecruiser gang with less than optimum dps.

I should add my goal is within reach.  KHU's current standings with Eifyr and Co is 7.52.  One more day should do it.

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