Thursday, November 11, 2010

Khumaak Flying Circus Now Has Access To Jump Clones


Khumaak Flying Circus and Eifyr & Co. Announce New Business Relationship

Elgoi, Metropolis (11 November YC 112) - The Khumaak Flying Circus (ticker KHU) and Eifyr and Co. announced today an agreement in which Eifyr and Co. would give members of the Khumaak Flying Circus access to the cloning facilities in its Elgoi VI - Moon 1 and Eram V - Moon 2 stations.  In addition, Eifyr and Co. have granted the CEO of Khumaak Flying Circus, Wandering Rose, access to the refining facilities in the two stations free of charge.

According to Wandering Rose, "Access to purchasing jump clones is an important step in the development of any corporation.  As a newly developing corporation, access to jump clones is one factor that will set Khumaak Flying Circus apart from many of our competitors in attracting new capsuleers."

Wandering Rose dismissed concerns about Eifyr & Co.'s rumored connections to the underworld possibly tainting the reputation of her corporation.  "With the research I have done and after the talks I have held with Stawitard Hagirat (CEO of Eifyr & Co.), I am assured that Eifyr & Co.'s business model is fully compatible with the goals of Khumaak Flying Circus.  The justifiable secrecy that Eifyr & Co. uses to protect its intellectual property is just an excuse for those jealous of Eifyr & Co.'s success to attempt to smear its good name."

The Khumaak Flying Circus is named in honor of Drupar Maak, the slave who killed Arkon Ardishapur, the royal heir to the Ardishapur family, on Starkman Prime and began the great slave rebellion that eventually led to the formation of the Minmatar Republic. Drupar, who served as Arkon’s personal secretary, killed the Amarrian royal heir with his own ceremonial scepter, called a Khuumak, when Arkon was on the verge of discovering that Drupar was a ringleader of a planned revolt. In honor of Drupar, the slaves began arming themselves with imitation khuumaks, calling them khumaaks. It is the makeshift weapon of the slaves, not the sacred symbol of their Amarrian masters, which the corporation is named after.

Currently the Khumaak Flying Circus is establishing relationships in the Metropolis region and can offer perfect refining of scrap metal as well as minerals found in high security Empire space to members in the more advanced Core Complexion stations.  The corporation also provides members access to jump clones through its relationship with Eifyr and Co.

Wandering Rose, CEO
Rosewalker, COO


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