Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Shattering And More World of Warcraft Stuff

I'll have to admit that my second time playing World of Warcraft has not left me very excited.  I think the main reason is that, unlike EverQuest 2, I have to level up my crafting alts adventure levels.  And since I made the mistake of making all 4 of my characters blood elves, that can get boring.

But today comes "The Shattering", in which all the level 1-60 zones get revamped.  Since I could really only be bothered to get a character to level 20 and hadn't left the blood elf starting zone, I'm not going to know too much of a difference in the Horde zones.  I might have to start up a human character just to see how the world changed.

Now, because I only purchased the basic game and The Burning Crusade, I wasn't even thinking about purchasing Cataclysm because I didn't want to also have to pay $40 for The Wrath of the Lich King.  But I just read a post by Tobold that WotLK is on sale until the 29th for $10.  Maybe I'll have to pick that up, even though I may never reach level 60 again, much less 70.

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