Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Groundhog's Day Snowstorm

I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and we are still experiencing one of the biggest storms in the history of the area.  The really bad winds have ended and the snowfall has slacked off a lot.  We are still under a blizzard watch, but it doesn't look that bad, except for huge snowdrifts.  The plows, at least in the area I can see as I ride into work on the train, haven't quite caught up with the snow yet.  As of an hour ago, Chicago's famous weatherman Tom Skilling tweeted that O'Hare Airport had received 17.1 inches of snow so far, with another 1-5 inches expected.

Did I mention I'm on the train going into work?  That's right, I braved the weather and am heading into the office even as I post this.  I would be expected to log into the network at work (if the company has enough available connections) even if I stayed home, so what's the point of staying home?  I can do my job better from the office and having two computers with Eve Online loaded up would not help my mood any.

Oh yes, Eve Online.  With the blizzard, my house kept experiencing brief power interruptions.  Not enough to knock out my good computer that holds the database I use to produce the sovereignty reports on Clone Pundit, but enough to reboot not only my DirectTV receiver by my second computer as well.  So I can honestly say that my planetary interaction activities were interrupted by a snowstorm.  And I was setting up the extractor program on a storm planet at the time, so it even makes sense.

Well, not alot about gaming in this post, but if you hear any podcasters talking about the storm in Chicago, you've got another voice chiming in on that score.  From where I sit, the snow really wasn't that bad.  But the temperatures tonight?  They are expected to plunge below zero.  That is going to be brutal!

UPDATE: I believe that Erin from the Notalotofnews Newshour lives in Arlington Heights.  I just saw a report that as of 8am his town had received 22 inches of snow.  And for those who listen to Sisters Julie and Fran, they live in the next town over.

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