Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SOE vs Trion: The Battle Begins

Today marks the launch of Sony Online Entertainment's Destiny of Velious expansion for EverQuest 2.  I've pretty much given up on the game, but the blogging shall continue as the SOE vs. Trion battle officially begins.  Will RIFT pull enough of EQ2's core player base away that EQ2 truly begins to resemble Dungeons and Dragons Online?  Or will Rift succeed and become a major AAA western MMO title?

Now, I don't know how much shifting of timelines has gone on with the two games.  Well, on further review, on SOE's part.  On January 4th, Trion announced that RIFT would launch on March 1st with a head start launch of February 24th for those who pre-order the game.  That was followed on January 13th with EQ2's senior producer announcing a two-week delay in launching the expansion, from February 8 to today.  And EQ2 will debut flying mounts in a special event held on ... wait for it ... March 1st!  Coincidence?  I think not.

Now, if I was still playing EQ2, after 5 years I would probably stick around to experience and maybe even get a flying mount.  Instead, I will start playing RIFT in a couple of days.  But with some GvG (game vs. game) action occurring, I'll be watching with a bucket to collect all the tears.  The question I have though is not "will RIFT be the WoW killer?".  My question is: will RIFT be the EQ2 killer?

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