Saturday, February 26, 2011

RIFT Patch - February 26, 2011

While I haven't experienced issues in the first two days of the RIFT head start, problems exist and a patch came out this morning.  Here are the details for the patch, taken straight from the login client.

* Freemarch: The Wayward Package quest is no longer offered daily.
* Silverwood: When Rudy Tanlop’s  wagon is under attack during a zone events, he should yell his notification correctly.

* Dungeon zone quests fixed so that repeat completions do not reward the full first-completion value.
* Fixed a bug causing mobs significantly higher than a player's level to reward far more experience than they should be.

* Raid frames now expand down from the top left corner.
* Zone events that are failed will be removed from quest tracking once again.


* The login queue message box can now only be cancelled by clicking on the Cancel button.  You should now be safe to browse the web while queued!
* Improved accuracy of AFK timeout checks in game and at character select to combat queues.
* Server performance improvements.

UPDATE:  When I logged on for an evening session, I had an additional 22 MB patch download, but the launcher didn't have any notes on what the additional content contained.  The above notes are only for the 8am PST patch.

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