Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Years of The Nosy Gamer

"These are the interesting times I spoke of."
Mr. Smith, Clear Skies 2

Today marks the second anniversary of The Nosy Gamer.  I've had quite a ride over the last year.  I almost shut the doors on the blog, but am now doing better than ever.  The interesting thing I've noticed is that after not playing EverQuest 2 for 18 months, some of my EQ2 posts still are the most popular ones I've written.  Quite frankly, EQ2 is in decline and as much as would like to go back to playing and writing about it, SOE just keeps doing things that drive me away.

So what's ahead?  More Eve Online.  I play MMOs for the journey, not the end game, and Eve just offers so much to explore.  RIFT will be the second game I play.  I've always wanted to play a game from the beginning and RIFT offers that.  Plus the opportunity to only pay $10/month fits my budget.  Star Wars: The Old Republic?  Only if RIFT doesn't live up to the promise I saw in the beta.

And how about the media surrounding MMOs?  I'm not referring to game sites like EuroGamer.  No, I'm referring to podcasts, YouTube videos and machinima.  For example, Shut Up, We're Talking is now silent, Randy is no longer on The Instance and Eve podcasts are on the rise.  What's going to happen on YouTube when Incarna comes out and all those Eve Online film makers start producing videos with avatars in them?  And coming up soon is Clear Skies 3.  Yes!

These are the interesting times that Mr. Smith spoke of in Clear Skies 2.  And I plan on sticking around to watch and comment.

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  1. Congrats on the 2 year anniversary! Here's to the next 2!