Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcoming Events

Now that I'm playing two games, I have more things to write about.  Of course, when each game has an event happening over a holiday I get off from work (in this case 21 February for President's Day) I have to decide what to do.

First, Rift is holding an open beta from 10am PST on 15 February through 7am PST on 21 February.  On the 21st, all characters get deleted, but for those of us who pre-ordered, the head-start period begins on 24 February.

The Rift news is good news for us carebears who wish to avoid Hulkageddon IV, the player-sponsored event in Eve Online that targets miners and, for the first time this month, haulers like me.  Hulkageddon IV runs 19-28 February from midnight to midnight GMT.  So if I want, I could just hang out in Rift most of that time on the weekends, except on Monday when I have most of the day Rift-free.  But really, what is the fun of that when Helicity is bringing low-sec to high-sec?  Seems like the perfect time to try to refine my blockade-running skills.  Now I just need to purchase that interceptor so I can make the bookmarks.  After all, Vigils are just so slow.

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