Friday, February 4, 2011

Playing In A Beta

I received an invitation to the sixth Rift beta weekend.  I've resisted entering the earlier ones I've had access to.  Why?  At this point, having already pre-ordered the game and signed up for the 6-month sub ($9.99/month) I'm a bit afraid of ruining my actual game experience when the game comes out on March 1st.  Also, from everything I've heard about the development team, they are very proactive in fixing bugs/issues so the game I jump into this weekend will probably differ in a lot of ways from the game released in 3 weeks time.  So I should probably play this weekend just so I can understand the tears of those beta players who start crying on day 1 about their classes being nerfed.  Beta tester tears best tears?

This weekend's test is a load test to see at what point the servers break.  Hmmm ... lag.  I can pretend I'm just going to Jita.  Also, I just can't resist any longer seeing all the things that I've heard and read about.  Of course, I can't just hop in the beta tonight.  I have important internet spaceship stuff to do.  I have to do my weekly hauling of planetary interaction products to market and purchase the remaining skill books Rosewalker will need to fly Orcas.  And of course once I start hauling stuff I usually can't resist doing courier contracts, so who knows where I'll end up.  Hey, some people mine, I fly slow and admire the view.  And of course I have to write Saturday's sov report for Clone Pundit.  Null sec warfare and politics is fascinating and I'll keep writing the daily report even if no one reads it.

Something tells me that playing in the beta might be a surreal experience.  I've been playing Eve so long that I don't really remember what it feels like to have virtually no penalty for dying.  With that said, I don't know if I would want to roll a character on a PvP server or not.  I guess the beta is the place to find out.

I'll let you know Monday how it goes.

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