Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finding My Niche Covering The War On Bots

One of the things about Eve Online is that players can find a niche for themselves that make them unique.  Whether that is espionage like The Guiding Hand Social Club and the Goonswarm Intelligence Agency under The Mittani, facilitating the sales of titans while ridding the universe of veldspar like Chribba, or founding an all-female pirate corp like Mynxee, players find many different ways to play in the sandbox we call New Eden.

The same holds true for blogging.  Whether it is Mike Azariah's unique RP blog A Missioneer in Eve, Mark726's sightseeing adventures on EVE Travel or the creative craziness of Seismic Stan's Freebooted, Eve bloggers are able to find a niche in what we call GalNet.

Up until now, I didn't really have a niche.  I would write about various things that interested me and occasionally people would be interested, but nothing really came of it.  But with the uproar over botting and RMT I decided to go back to my blogging roots from the political blogosphere and start doing some digging.  The result is the War on Bots™ series and the past week has seen some serious linkage to The Nosy Gamer.  First came the mention on Kirith Kodachi's podcast Broadcasts from the Ninveah, which was really nice.  But what blew me away was being used as a source on the War on Bots™ in a story on Ten Ton Hammer titled "The Looming Technetium Crash In EVE Online."

Well, I now know that a few people are paying attention (although Kirith has for a long time) so I know I'm doing something right.  I know I am not going to be some sort of null sec political or military analyst like Mord Fiddle or Hallan Turrek.  But maybe there is an interest in the things I like to analyze after all.

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