Friday, June 10, 2011

I Received My Copy Of ISK

Yesterday I received my copy of ISK, The Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase, in the mail.  ISK is the book I wish I had been able to buy when I started the game.  Yes, I know that some of the information, like agent quality and divisions, is already out of date.  I don't care.  Because I already spotted information that I didn't know existed before.

Let's take for example missions.  Now, I know that some missions have asteroids you can mine, but Laci and Mermalior were nice enough to create a table on page 197 that lists the missions that have roids and how much you can mine.  And I now know the trick to make sure I can respawn not only the roids but the NPCs so I can farm them for 7 days.  I really feel silly for not figuring out what I was doing wrong.

Did I mention those stupid tags that are piling up in my hanger from all the missions I ran?  I didn't know about the Datacenter agents until I started reading the guide.  More importantly, I did not know I could turn some of those tags in and receive blueprint copies for faction ships!  I'd love to be able to make a Tempest Fleet Issue.  And the BPCs have 2 runs.  I now have a reason to do my next faction grind.

I am loving all of the charts in the book, especially in the wake of my recent computer crash.  For example, I'm getting ready to invent some Tech 2 cruiser blueprint copies.  I had lost the bookmark to the page with the list of decryptors.  Instead of trying to search for the page again, I can now just go to page 284 and the answer is right there.  No alt-tabbing for me anymore.  I have the paper copy of ISK handy and the guide is very easy to search.

I'm a very happy pilot right now and I'm sure I'll be reading though the guide over the next few days finding out even more things I didn't know.  I can't wait for the next edition when they put in all the Incarna stuff.  You can bet I'll buy that one too.

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