Thursday, June 9, 2011

How CCP Lured Me Into Low-Sec

I admit it; I'm a carebear.  Low-security space scares me.  You find all kinds of dangerous things out there.  Like pirates.  Very scary.

Now, I have been known to venture into low-sec.  I have a research agent in low sec I visit every now and then.  And I've been known to make trips to pick up courier contracts that involve traversing a single low-sec system since that is pretty safe in a blockade runner.  And of course, I made the pilgrimage to the Eve Gate when I was in Eve University, so I'm not a complete noob.  Just mostly one.

However, the recent changes to the agent system along with a desire to mine in Ammatar space put a strange idea into my head.  I could gain enough faction with either an Ammatar or Amarr corporation that Wandering Rose could have perfect refining in stations in Ammatar space and all I would have to do is run courier missions.  With the changes, I was able to just do courier runs.  No nasty combat missions that could hurt my standings with the other factions. And since courier missions go so fast, lots of storyline missions and chances to get +4 implants once I get the standings up to 5.0.  What's not to love?

Low-sec.  Maybe I just chose poorly, but the level 4 missions seemed to take me into low-sec.  A lot.  And because I chose to rig my Prowler for speed and agility instead of increased cargo capacity, I sometimes needed to make two trips through low-sec to complete a mission.  So for two weekends, I ran around low-sec getting my faction with an Amarrian agricultural corporation up to the 6.66 needed for perfect mining.

Guess what?  Low-sec is kind of empty.  Actually, where I travelled, very empty.  I think I only crashed one organized gate camp, which really got the blood racing, especially when a Dramiel jumped through the gate with me.  But otherwise?  Not much to it, really.

So does that mean I'm ready to start doing combat missions in low-sec?  Are you out of your mind?  There is scary stuff in low-sec.  Like pirates.  That's just crazy talk!

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