Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Staying

I'm at the point I think I need to make a statement.  I will not join the exodus of players who say they have left or are leaving Eve Online.  I have a ringside seat to a social revolution in a virtual world and the opportunity to report and comment on it.  Heck, if I do a good enough job, some of my work might wind up as primary source material in some of those scholarly works I see on Terra Nova that I enjoy so much.  So passing up an opportunity like this is just crazy talk.

That said, I have a lot I want to accomplish in Eve Online.  Will the upcoming changes make life more difficult?  For the way I wish to continue playing the game, I believe so.  I am beginning to see parallels to SOE's Station Cash shop and what the Noble Exchange could morph into.  But I also have faith that CCP is smarter than the folks running SOE (sorry Domino).

I am also going to say this again.  Anything in Eve Online that can be purchased either on the market or thru contracts can be purchased with real world money.  Anything.  Eve Online is the only game I have ever played in which I could make that statement.  Every other game has used mechanics like bind on pickup to prevent certain high-level items from being sold.  Even some actions that require things like faction standings, like anchoring POSs in Empire space or obtaining jump clones, can be purchased using real life money (via PLEX conversion) if you contact someone in-game offering the service.

Now, does that mean I am a CCP fanboi?  I really wanted to lead the cheers, what with the company's innovation concerning the integration of DUST 514 into the Eve universe.  Not anymore.  Just as Hilmar has told his company that "this is one of the moments where we look at what our players do and less of what they say," this is one of those moments I look at CCP's actions and less of what they say.


  1. Thanks for the voice of reason. I have to say that while everyone is accusing CCP of acting like it is now being run by business development and/or marketing, it seems to me an even more geek-centered company than ever. That is, the geeks are standing around wondering why players who until last week were fine playing a game where you could buy a Titan for $4,000 (or whatever) suddenly are pooping in their pants over an $80 monocle.

  2. @Tom It's not just the monocle - the primary concern is about the prospect of buying in-game equipment in the cash shop, bypassing the game economy.

    In a way, intended or not, the $80 monocle is a very effective smoke screen.

  3. We already knew that anything in EVE could be bought with real money via the $ to plex to isk system. Its the $ to plex to arum to ships spawned out of thin air that will happen, and THAT is what I (and others) am alarmed about. CCP Zulu has now confirmed via skype messaging that anything is on the table if we the players will pay for it. And sad to say, I know there are rich idiots out there that WILL pay for it, even if it destroys the game. That is what those of us up in arms have been trying to prevent. We love EVE and we don't want to see it destroyed and we won't let it sink without being very vocal about it.

  4. If my Corporate experience is any indication, at some point you have to stop saying 'No!' and start offering alternatives. Otherwise the people with the deep wallets and no concern for the in-game economy will win.

  5. @Belloche - I agree with your point of view. I wrote what I did about purchasing items because a lot of people start spouting arguments about being able to purchase ships with RL money without thinking the argument all the way through.

  6. My biggest concern is how CCP is reacting to its player community. Contempt is never good for customer relations. It's as though Hosni Mubarak is moonlighting as CCP's PR director.

    It might be argued that the CCP's customers are not being reasonable. However, CCP went into the gaming industry and they know full well the nature of gamer demographic. They chose to cultivate a passionate client base.

    If they wanted calm, patient customers they should have gone into denture adhesives or knitting materials.

    CCP needs to stop stonewalling and engage in an honest discussion with the player community.