Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lulzsec Attacks, CCP Pulls Logoffski

Sometimes a game community's personality comes out when bad things happen.  I think we saw a bit of that during yesterday's DDoS attack by Lulzsec on the Eve Online servers.  Two of the things that Eve is most famous for is null sec warfare and the behavior of a lot of players attempting to grief others and collect buckets of tears.  So how did that manifest itself yesterday?

First, CCP's reaction to the DDoS attack was pure null sec warfare.  Even an Empire carebear like me knows that when a titan or super-carrier is tackled and taking too much damage, the supercap pilot is likely to log off to save his ship.  That is exactly what CCP did with the Eve Online servers when it faced an overwhelming attack.  Shut the servers down and waited for the enemy to get bored and go away.

The other part of the equation is that Lulzsec does what it does to gather tears.  If the Eve Online community knows one thing, is that you never give an enemy tears.  Well, some carebears during Hulkageddon forget the rule, but for the most part it is followed.  So when CCP pulled its logoffski to save the good ship Tranquility, the players for the most part supported CCP.  No fun here. 

We'll see what today holds in store.  I think Lulzsec is going to move on to more interesting things and Eve Online will revert back to its evil ways again.  But I got in my daily PI work, just in case.

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