Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Ani Campaign - Moving To Lanngisi

I continued doing the COSMOS missions in the Ani constellation over the weekend.  I had to move on from The Glass Edge because the final agent, Dalkar Kersos, didn't have any work for me.  I'm not sure if that is because faction standings don't count for doing COSMOS missions or whether sometime in the distant past I had talked with the agent.  I'll probably find out later.

But before moving on to Lanngisi and the Sanctum Psychosis, I needed to take care of other business.  Specifically, building heavy assault cruisers.  The last order for materials I had on the market was finally filled and I just needed to take the haul back to the station and start building parts.  I'll be able to actually start the construction of both a Vagabond and a Muninn later today and I'll be flying one of the ships in Ani next weekend.

While I was building the HACs, Wandering Rose finished training Shield Warfare V.  That meant that she can finally fit gang modules on her Hurricane.  I also discovered another reason for basing out of the Republic University station in Nakugard: skill books.  I needed skill books, and where better than a university station to find them?  So now Wandering Rose can fit siege warfare links.  And since she will now fill a buffing role, I don't want her warping out if at all possible, so I also increased the tank on her battlecruiser.

Rosewalker was in a bit of a spot over the weekend.  He's waiting on the HACs to finish, but he needed to upgrade from the Rupture he flew the weekend before but I didn't want to bring in the Maelstrom.  So he just used an old Cyclone I had sitting in the hanger.  Not the greatest ship in the world, but enough to get the job done until the fun stuff comes on-line.

With all the business out of the way, I proceeded to go to Lanngisi and do the missions for Beris Nitrus and Remy Ouche.  I have to be careful around Remy because he works for Eifyr and Co.  I can't let Rosewalker talk to him because Eifyr and Co. provide the corporation's jump clones and I do not want to get Rosewalker up to speed on getting the necessary faction to keep that access.

For those thinking about doing the COSMOS missions in Ani, I should warn you that the Evelopedia doesn't seem to have entirely accurate information.  For both agents the systems that I was sent to were different than listed in the articles.

I really wonder if the missions have been rewritten.  I'm noticing that a lot of the blueprints I received as rewards require knowing the Sleeper Technology skill.  The items needed to build these have the name "Sleeper" in them and can be acquired from the sites in Ani.  I really didn't think I would find anything like this outside wormholes.  Is this an effort to attract players to go into wormholes?

I had been recording everything about these missions.  I'm going to stop doing that because I'm running out of free time.  Let's just say that the missions I did were pretty easy except for Remy Ouche's mission "Extremely Unfortunate Incident".  That one required getting three refugees from the guerrilla base in Tvink.  For that, I'm glad Wandering Rose had a well-tanked Hurricane.  Rosewalker, even with his superior skills, had to warp out three times in his Cyclone because it just didn't have the tank to handle the incoming fire.  But with the Angels bouncing back and forth between Rosewalker and Wandering Rose, I was able to grab the refugees and get out of the site, 800,000 isk richer in CONCORD awarded bounties.

Oh, and I finished up the weekend with a mining operation while I wrote this post.  I needed to do it because while doing the COSMOS missions is interesting, it is not really putting a lot of isk in my wallet.  And while I like the blueprint copies, I do need a little cash to do some of the other things in game.  Thinks like buy the raw materials to build HACs.  Now those are going to be fun to fly.

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