Monday, September 19, 2011

Interesting Times Ahead?

Yesterday CCP t0rfifrans published a dev blog with some things players have been waiting for.  Ship spinning returns, the turret icons become distinguishable again, graphics in Captain's Quarters improve for those who wish to turn the feature on, and a new cyno effect are on the way to Tranquility Soon™.  But the news got more interesting as CCP Fallout posted on Twitter:
"but it's not the BBBIIIIIG Seekrit. Guard changed that reveal to tomorrow"
That was enough to get my attention, but then Jester wrote an extremely speculative post on what CCP might announce.  The first comment to the post really caught my attention.  Seleene, current CSM member and former Eve dev, wrote:
"Regardless of what is announced or how, I think I'm really going to enjoy reading this blog over the next few weeks. :) "
I seem to always write that interesting times are ahead in Eve.  With three weeks in Bulgaria ahead of me where I can't log into the game, I think I'll be watching a lot of action outside the game in the weeks ahead.  Maybe even enough to have things to blog about.

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