Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sofia Unrest - CONCORD Arrives

Sofia, BG - Last night was the first time since I arrived in Sofia I did not see protesters on the streets or outside the National Palace of Culture.  There was an extremely heavy police presence the past two days, although on Tuesday I saw protesters waving a Bulgarian flag as police looked on.  Last night, the area was quiet as a counted at least 30 police officers in and around the building.  That figure does not include the police that must have been on the north end of the park and fountains.  I walked through the area, but didn't take any pictures.  The way things are going, I wasn't about to risk irritating a bunch of guys carrying billy clubs who just had a couple of bad days.  While my area is quite, I don't know about the rest of Sofia.  Perhaps the arrest of notorious Roma crime boss Kiril Rashkov, aka Tsar Kiro, today had something to do with the lack of activity.

The pictures that I did take of Tuesday's protest didn't turn out too well.  Something about a big police presence between me and the protest.  While no one is going to mistake me for a gypsy, I'll take the protection the police gave, given what happened Monday, given what could have happened Monday.

Maybe if everything calms down I can go back to thinking about video games.

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