Friday, September 2, 2011

The Glass Edge: The Ani Build-Up

Having helped out the Republic Security Service's Them Burkur, I moved on to the other level 2 agent in The Glass Edge, Penda Rakken.  But even with all my previous work, the Republic Rarliament agent still didn't trust me.  So off I went on "The Ani Build-Up - Extra Medical Supplies":
"Although I'm sure you're just itching to get into combat, I'd like to put you to a small test first... to see if you're really sincere about helping us out. there's this minor task that needs to be done, which involves ferrying a load of medical supplies to this system. You see, Nakugard has been hit by strange viral infections of late which have devastated a few outlying settlements here and put a scare into the local populace. Not only that but it's really having a negative effect on our efforts with bringing more Krusual tribe civilians here, a system with a viral outbreak is not exactly the first place on your list when you're thinking of relocating your family somewhere. The Vherokior Tribe were kind enough to give us access to their Zemnar supplies on Teonusude VII - Moon 1 - Vherokior Tribe Treasury. Zemnar has proven to be an effective antidote against this latest outbreak, and we desperately need a large supply of the drug to prevent any more deaths and more bad publicity. I would like you to pay a visit to the Vherokior station in Teonusude and pick up the shipment and bring it to me, I'll see to it that it's distributed to all the affected settlements in Nakugard."
A cargo run to Molden Heath?  Right up my alley, with both my pilots hailing from the Vherokior tribe.  Wandering Rose hopped in her Prowler and sped off earning both the 200,000 isk reward and the 50,000 isk bonus for completing the delivery within 3 hours.

Having proved my seriousness, I was then offered "The Ani Build-Up - Carrot on a Stick."
"As your second assignment, I need you to fetch a valuable Nefantar artifact from one of the Nefantar ruins through Ani. Most people consider the Nefantar ruins a lost cause when it comes to treasure hunting, as they were all looted for decades after the Rebellion, and are now either used as a hideout by pirate forces or guarded by local militia intent on saving 'valuable relics of the past' from looters. I would like to reverse this myth by proving to the people of the Republic that Ani is in fact still full of surprises, including treasures from the past. All I require is some evidence of this to present to the media, in other words our propaganda machine.
"To be more specific, I'd like some kind of Nefantar relic that will raise eyebrows. They were very keen on creating portraits and sculptures of their leaders, which were unfortunately mostly destroyed by the freedom fighters during the Rebellion, and I'm certain one of them would interest all sorts of people. The Krusual Tribe are renowned treasure hunters, so finding these Nefantar objects here would undoubtedly increase their interest in Ani.
"Now if you're completely clueless as to where to start looking, I'll suggest one promising spot. There are some Nefantar ruins in Barkrik which have been claimed by the Maru Rebels as one of their bases. Maru is a criminal organization that is not to be taken lightly, most of it's members are wanted by the law and can be killed on sight. And other than being prepared for a fight, I suggest you bring someone along that has experience as an archaeologist, you might need someone like that to dig up the artifact for you. Good luck."
This is the first mission that offered the types of rewards I came to Ani for.  For fetching an old piece of art the Parliament agent would give me a 3 run blueprint copy to make 250mm Light 'Jolt' Artillery Is.  And a bonus of 180,000 isk if I brought back the artifact within 4 hours.

If I brought it back within four hours?  Having set up two Ruptures with analyzers for Ripple Effect, I was well-prepared for the run to the ruins in Barkrik.  I even found the sculpture in the first container I checked.  Having learned from my experience in Inder, I warped out as soon as I collected up the artifact.

Oh, and how much was the sculpture?  I didn't check.  However, the bpc was up for sale in contracts for 5 million isk.  A 5 million isk item for about 10 minutes of work?  I'll take that every time.

After turning in the sculputre, I was given "The Ani Build-Up - Strike'em Where It Hurts."
"The last mission I have for you is the most difficult. The heavy pirate presence in Ani has a very negative effect on our mission, as I told you before. And the Angel Cartel are at the heart of it. Their operations in Ani must be stopped, at all costs. As the saying goes, cut the head off the snake and you kill the snake. I'm not sure if this holds true with the Cartel, but it's worth a try. Their leader within Inder is Lagaster Malotoff, by killing him we hope to paralyze their forces for some time at least, and give the local populace a morale boost. This is the final task I have in store for you, once you have accomplished it my mission in Ani should be complete."
Given my past experience in the Inder site, I was a little hesitant about doing the mission.  But two Ruptures seemed to be a solution to all my problems so far, so I continued with that plan.  Especially since the reward offer was so nice.  One 3 run blueprint copy to make 1 MN Digital Booster Rockets and a speed bonus of 1000 units of Republic Fleet Fusion S.

The plan was another simple smash and grab.  Run through the first two rooms, tanking any incoming fire and then kill every named ship I could find.  The plan worked, too.  Will wonders never cease.  Wandering Rose is actually getting the hang of this combat business.  At least against NPCs.

Total ISK (mission rewards + bounties): 1,128,682
Notable Items:
1 1MN Digital Booster Rockets bpc (3-run)
1 250mm Light 'Jolt' Artillery I bpc (3-run)
1000 Republic Fleet Fusion S

Standings changes: 
Republic Parliament (unmodified) : increased from 3.63 to 4.71

Minmatar Standings Gain (unmodified): from 1.81 to 2.17
Gallente Federation Standings Gain (unmodified): from 1.72 to 2.01
The Servant Sisters of EVE Standings Gain (unmodified): from 1.56 to 1.81
Caldari State Standings Loss (unmodified): from -0.52 to -0.60
Ammatar Mandate Standings Loss (unmodified): from -1.03 to -1.32
Amarr Empire Standings Loss (unmodified): from -1.17 to -1.37

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