Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Eve Pilots Shouldn't Land On Planets

Sofia, BG - I can give you a reason that Eve pilots should not land on planets as part of DUST 514.  Jet lag.  When you are in space, you can set your own clock, whether it be European, U.S. or Australian (and what is the lore for those designations, anyway?).  But on a planet, a pilot would have to adjust to a diurnal pattern of life.  That's way to inconvenient.  I'm a pod pilot, the world should adapt to me.  That's pretty easy for a station to do since stations must be manned continuously.

What brought that on?  Staying up 31 hours to make sure I'm functional today.  I made it, but it was a PITA.  I will have to say that having a mall about a five minute walk away that had a grocery store open until at least 9pm helped when I realized I forgot to pack some things.  Gotta love Sofia.

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