Friday, September 9, 2011

An Idea For Drones In DUST 514?

While surfing the net yesterday I came across a story about a real life drone that can attack information networks.

Hacking on high: The SkyNet drone, built from a toy quadricopter and a small computer, can fly for up to 13 minutes, or land and then operate for nearly two hours.
Credit: Stevens Institute of Technology 

Attackers bent on espionage could use such drones to find a weak spot in corporate and home Internet connections, says Sven Dietrich, an assistant professor in computer science at the Stevens Institute of Technology who led the development of one of the drones.
"You can bring the targeted attack to the location," says Dietrich. "[Our] drone can land close to the target and sit there—and if it has solar power, it can recharge—and continue to attack all the networks around it."

The article goes on to describe how these drones could be used as command and control for botnets that would be more secure for the botnet operator.  All for under $600, or the price of 8 monocles.  What would I rather have, a SkyNet drone or a monacle?

Doesn't this sound like something the mercs in DUST 514 could use?  If someone places too much faith in technology to defend a base, something like these little beauties could shut down the defenses.  And it ties into the space game since we already have a skill called Hacking.

(h/t Instapundit)

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  1. Forget DUST514, without EvE DUST will be dust.