Monday, December 12, 2011

Following The Plan

No plan survives contact with the enemy.  In Eve Online, that enemy too often is a player's own ignorance.  Take for example my plan to get the blueprint copies for three of the Minmatar faction ships.  Late last night I finished getting both Rosewalker and Wandering Rose up to what I hope is the required 9.9 unmodified standing with the Republic Parliament in order to get the Tempest Fleet Issue 2-run blueprint copies.  Except that is not the case.

According to the ISK guide I bought, I need 9.9 unmodified standings with the agent that sells the BPC for 30 Angel Diamond tags.  But I've assumed that means I needed 9.9 unmodified standings with the corporation the agent belongs to, the Republic Parliament.  I did a little further research and according to the EVElopedia, I need faction standing, not corporation standings.  But it is understandable that I missed it, because the EVElopedia only has two articles, "Cosmos faction ship offers" and "Makor Desto", that tell players that.  Oops.

As much as I hate grinds, I'm not really upset.  Sure, I could have used the time better by grinding standings with a better NPC corporation like the Brutor Tribe, but I didn't really lose much, if anything.  I was still gaining Minmatar faction, now over 7 for both pilots.  Rosewalker now has a corporation he can get jump clones from independent of any corporation or alliance membership.  And with my corporation's standings now at 6.98 with the Minmatar and over 6 with the Gallente, I can now anchor POS in high-sec now, with the ability to do so in .7 Minmatar syatems probably a possibility once I accept and finish the storyline mission in Wandering Rose' neocom.  And the combined 400,000 loyalty points earned during the grind are enough to purchase a complete set of +5 implants or a pair of those highly coveted Scythe Fleet Issue cruisers that can only be purchased from the LP store.

I now might deviate from the plan.  The initial plan was to do another grind up to 9.2 with Republic Fleet.  Now that I know I need faction standings and not corporation standings, I might do that more useful grind with the Brutor tribe after all.  According to the EVElopedia, I really don't benefit with corporate standings of over 6.67 now that I have standings of over 8 with at least one corporation to get jump clones from.  So unless I find something I really like that costs a lot of loyalty points, I have more freedom to do what I want and can engage in a lot of little mini-corporate grinds instead of one huge grind.  That is good because I really do hate grinds.  This one is just proving to be so darn useful I'll put up with it.

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  1. The benefit of corp standings of 6.67 and greater means no taxes when you refine and reduced/no taxes (depending on skills) when you setup buy/sell orders at that corp's stations. At 8.0 standing you can install jump clones if you have the skill and IF they have medical facilities. Just make sure that the corp actually has medical facilities at some of their stations, some corps don't.