Monday, December 19, 2011

Goodbye Fratt!

I wrote a few weeks ago about Fratt Asmurdik, an agent for the Republic Parliament and his apparent infatuation with Wandering Rose.  But now that the Khumaak Flying Circus has met its goals concerning relations with the Republic Parliament (over 9.9 standings) Fratt is no longer necessary to her plans.  So after receiving another offer to do a kill mission, Wandering Rose just ignored Fratt.  Her mother taught her if she didn't have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all.  Well, the agent sent this Evemail yesterday:
From: Fratt Asmurdik
Sent: 2011.12.18 22:45 
I can no longer await your response to my offer. I am displeased by your indecisiveness.
Typical Brutor male arrogance!  Do all Brutor men think they are God's gift to women?  Did it ever cross his mind that he could not get into the bed of a capsuleer by diverting a few million isk in missions to Wandering Rose?  I've never met anyone in New Eden in more desperate need of a blow job than Fratt Asmurdik.  And he thinks Wandering Rose is the one with the problem?

Wandering Rose can afford to ignore him as the Khumaak Flying Circus has shifted operations back to the Ani constellation.  And after all the work increasing her influence with the Republic Parliament, she is not going to undo it by a clumsy act of revenge.  However, if she gets the chance (and can get past that damn door), Wandering Rose would really like to re-enact the final scene of this video with a certain agent based in Ridoner.

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