Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pushing New Eden

I've written in the past how I am somewhat reluctant to recommend Eve Online to people I know.  Eve is a sci-fi PvP sandbox game with so-so PvE play but the most sophisticated economic system in MMORPGs.  In other words, a game not for everyone.  But New Eden, the universe of Eve?  That is something I recommend to any gamer who wants to see what a virtual world can be.  And that universe will expand with the launch of DUST 514.

I know that a lot of Eve players dismiss DUST 514 as a sure failure because the game is a Playstation 3 exclusive.  But I've heard interest in the first-person shooter around the office from people who would never play Eve.  So what's the best way to introduce people to New Eden?  The "Eve Is Real" web site?  The tabloid news site EveNews 24?  The Eve Blog Pack and Eve Pod Pack? Eve columns on major gaming sites like Brendan Drain's Eve Evolved on and The Mittani's Sins of a Solar Spymater on Ten Ton Hammer? 

Of course, I could just go ahead and give out some free trials that are longer than the standard 14-day trial available on the web site.  I still had all of my 60-day free trial codes so I gave out two yesterday to a prospective DUST merc.  With as beautiful as New Eden is after the nebula update, I hope his son likes flying around.  And with any luck, his old computer can support the new graphics and both can fly around together.

I've come a long way in the last few months from wondering what CCP was doing with their game during the summer to giving out extended game trials now.  I wrote back then that I wanted to be a fanboi but CCP was making it hard.  With the launch of Crucible, I can even feel good writing positive things.  So if you're interested in New Eden, come on in while there are still a lot of good seats on the bandwagon.

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