Thursday, December 22, 2011

Four Quick Links For Eve Online Beginners

I am currently working on a post aimed at those just beginning to play Eve Online designed to get them started in the universe of New Eden.  The task is a little bigger than I originally thought and I may not get it finished before Christmas.  So since some people may begin playing over the holiday weekend I thought I would at least post the three sources and one Eve-related application I use the most.

Before I continue, I want to urge all new players to do the tutorial missions.  What CCP calls the New Player Experience is much improved over what I ran two years ago and doing the missions, in addition to teaching you the game, sets players up with a nice beginning war chest of ships and cash.

ISK: Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase - I have the print edition, but the ISK guide is also available as a free download.  For new players I recommend reading the first part on getting started.  It is a quick and easy read.  Well, compared to other sources.  The guide is a bit dated, having not been updated for Crucible.  But still a very good source.

The Evelopedia - The Evelopedia is the official CCP wiki for Eve Online.   The site is not written solely by CCP, which many would consider a good thing.  As is befitting a game in which much of the content is player-driven, the Evelopedia seeks out contributions from the player base.  Overall, I use the Evelopedia a lot when looking up information.

Eve University Wiki - Eve University is a player corporation (or a guild or clan to players of other games) that has worked since 2003 helping new players into New Eden.  Over the past few years the UniWiki has greatly improved and is a site I go to primarily for planetary interaction information and for the excellent Eve University Class Library.  Eve University gives classes over Mumble and makes the audio recordings available to all.  The class library also contains links to video guides as well.

EVEMon - No list of information for new players is complete without a mention of EVEMon.  EVEMon is an essential tool for managing a pilot's skill development.  With all skill learning occurring in real time instead of by whacking on mobs, developing a skill plan is essential to making the best use of time.  Eve University provides a guide for new players on how to use EveMon as well as an audio class in the class library on how to use EVEMon with another popular application, the Eve Fitting Tool.

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