Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pavlov's Dogs

Over the weekend I moved much of my operations to Nakugard in Metropolis' Ani constellation.  The Ani constellation is interesting because not only is it the Minmatar COSMOS highsec constellation with all systems having a security status of .5, but all of the Minmatar-owned stations as well as the Sisters of EVE Bureau stations have cloning facilities.  So I figured I'd run some missions for the Krusual Tribe to get access to more lovely jump clone facilities and try to pick up some Angel tags to buy blueprint copies of Minmatar faction ships.

At the end of Saturday night I jumped my Orca into Nakugard and received a shock.  Sansha had invaded Ani.  Fortunately for me, the anti-incursion fleets had been in system and I did not have a Sansha greeting party waiting for me.  In fact, my display indicated that all Sansha anti-ship effects that reduced armor, shield and capacitor had been completely neutralized by the anti-incursion fleets.  So I docked in the system's Republic University School system and logged off for the night, confident that the Sansha would be defeated by the time I logged back in.

I did a lot of Christmas shopping Sunday and didn't climb back into a ship until Sunday night.  I was surprised that the Sansha mothership was still operating in the system.  Apparently at the brink of defeat the anti-incursion forces were stopped dead.  Was the mothership really that powerful?  I asked in local and found out that the anti-incursion fleets were ignoring the vulnerable main threat to the planetary populations in the constellation and instead were "farming" the secondary forces because it was more profitable.  Isk.  Yes, you can always count on us capsuleers to try to squeeze isk out of any situation.

The question I have is: what is that old devil Sansha Kuvakei up to?  Sansha may be evil and several kinds of crazy, but he's also brilliant.  Why does he continue to sacrifice valuable motherships and support fleets this way?  I know he doesn't care about the crews, but shouldn't losing that much material hurt eventually?  He has obviously established an operational pattern that has convinced anti-incursion fleet commanders to not go for the jugular and piddle around with the small-fry.  So when is Sansha going to break the pattern and do something really nasty?  And what evil will Sansha unleash on New Eden when he does so?  I really don't care to find out, but with so many capsuleers trained like a pack of dog show poodles, I don't know who will stop him.

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