Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking For A Few Bad Angels

Over the past two nights I decided I do not like combat missions.  Sure, combat missions are a nice break from courier missions every once in a while, but as the main thing I do?  They are not for me.  I have to add one caveat.  I like missions where I kill members of the Angel Cartel.

Why the Angel Cartel?  I do have a long term goal that requires acquiring Angel tags and killing the Angel Cartel fulfills that.  But I felt that way before I set getting those faction ship blueprint copies as a goal.  Maybe early experience influences ways of thinking and I spent most of my first months as a capsuleer killing the Angel Cartel.  Or perhaps because of the roleplay that goes on in my mind, I don't want to kill the Serpentis because of their connection with Eifyr and Co.  I have tied a lot of my play around Wandering Rose's relationship with the Minmatar biochemical company which is a reason why I've moved my operations to Nakugard to aid in increasing my standings with the Krusual tribe.  So who else is left to fight that isn't an empire?

Now, I don't want to chase after the Dominion in Curse; I am not that ambitious.  But I do want to fight the Angel Cartel.  Perhaps the missions situation will improve once the incursion fleets finally take down the Sansha forces in the Ani constellation and I can work on my Krusual standings.  I think I may have to stop relying on mission agents and do some hunting of my own.  Of course, the last time I did that, things didn't turn out so well.  Perhaps it is time for me to get over that and try my had at exploration again.  After all, I must have learned something over the last year, right?

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