Friday, March 23, 2012

As Seen On Eve TV

The internet at the hotel is pretty bad and kept me from making a regular post.  Right now I have a chance to blog because I am in between the Eve Security presentation and the Eve Keynote address.  I left the Eve Security presentation all smiles because at the bottom of one of the first slides was mention of The Nosy Gamer.

I always suspected that CCP Sreegs likes good forum porn and he confirmed it by mentioning the blog and some of my posts based on the tears of botters.  He has made it more difficult to come up with those posts because the site administrators are now hiding all the tears behind login screens.  Before, with CCP taking a noticeable break in its anti-botting efforts I slacked off on my coverage of The War on Bots™, but if CCP carries through with the plans discussed this afternoon, I'll have to pick the coverage back up.  I have to run off to listen to the Eve Keynote presentation now, but you can be sure I'll write more about the subject next week.

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