Friday, March 9, 2012

Odds And Ends

Chaotic is the word that describes my week in real life.  I have hardly had time to log into Eve.  So since the ideas for posts have dried up, here are some things that don't really rate a post on their own.

Solar flares - In addition to work, this week we saw a solar storm hit the Earth.  Apparently my computers survived but my car won't start.  The sun should not have the ability to hit something as small as my car.  NERF SOLAR TRACKING!

CSM - I'm always interested to read what new players think of Eve.  Gevlon at The Greedy Goblin is experiencing his first Council of Stellar Management election.  So how did he judge the candidates?  He read their nominating posts on the forums.  What a concept.  He concluded an interesting post with these endorsements:
"Oh my! Most of the candidates are idiots, "vote for me, I promise you the Moon" PR whores and wannabe tech support guys. Hard to see people who actually have any idea what to do with the position they go for. My first preference is simple: Hans Jagerblitzen is clearly supporting the playerbase I'm in. The secondary preference will surprise most of you, since he is the living symbol of griefing what I fully reject. But we share our views about the weak and the fate they should have. The Mittani it is. Too bad I only have one vote!"
Let's see how influential the goblin vote in Eve really is.  But with this endorsement, I think I can go out on a limb and state that The Mittani will win the chairmanship of CSM7.

Training - I'm still not sure what will happen with the Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills I've trained to 5 after the reorganization of the ship trees announced in the recent dev blog.  I'm also training Wandering Rose to be a command ship pilot and with Fanfest coming up, I don't know whether to train Battlecruisers or Advanced Weapon Upgrades to 5.  Yes, I have to take my work laptop with me to Iceland so I have to put a long skill into the skills queue.  I originally planned on Advanced Weapon Upgrades but I wonder if Battlecruisers will give me more bang for the buck.

Domino -
Former EverQuest 2 Associate Producer and tradeskill goddess Emily Taylor tweeted that she starts her new job on Tuesday.  Apparently she got caught up in red tape or she would have already started the job.  I can't wait to hear where she wound up.  And in related news, she started blogging again.

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