Monday, March 5, 2012

CSM 7: Election Season And Candidate Information

Players of Eve Online who listen to podcasts or Eve Radio are aware that the silly season of politics is here.  With the start of voting Wednesday the candidates have hit the airwaves in a media blitz to secure one of 14 slots on the Council of Stellar Management, Eve's player council that strives to keep CCP from doing too many stupid things.

As a public service, here are some resources for curious voters who want to make an informed decision.  For those who don't play Eve, some of the information is informative of what Eve players think are good and bad about the game.

Issue Matching - Once again Dierdra Vaal has put together his Vote Match site designed to help people figure out which candidates most closely align with a player's views on issues in the game.

Written Information - The candidates have posted something about themselves on the Eve forums as part of the process to get on the ballot.  The list of candidates and links to their threads are found in the official candidate thread.

Eve News 24 has also run a series of interviews with CSM candidates.  So far the list includes:

Draco Llasa
Hans Jagerblitzen
Trebor Daehdoow

On Malefactor, Marc Scaurus obtained the views on lowsec from the following candidates:

Alekseyev Karrde
Hans Jagerblitzen
Issler Dainze
John Revenent
Kelduum Revaan
Mike Azariah
Prometheus Exenthal
The Mittani
Trebor Daehdoow
Two Step

Iam Widdershins failed to make the final ballot.

Podcasts - Three podcasts managed to field either candidate interviews or debates.  They were:

Pod Goo - On Episode 32, Ender Black and Lorkin scored interviews with Leboe and Prometheus Exenthal.

Lost in Eve - Jade held a total of 4 debates with 11 candidates.

Debate 1 - Meissa Anunthiel and riverini
Debate 2 - Elise Randolph and Prometheus Exenthal
Debate 3 - Alekseyev Karde, Trebor Daehdoow, Kelduum Revaan, and Leboe
Debate 4 - Two Step, Seleene, and Roc Wieler

Voices from the Void - Arydanika, Marc Scarcus and Bowdy so far have published 3 episodes in which they have a pair of candidates on as guests and then they eventually square off in a debate.

Episode 36 - Hans Jagerblitzen vs. Kelduum Revaan
Episode 37 - Mike Azariah vs. Alekseyev Karde
Episode 38 - Blake Armitage vs. Leboe

Eve Radio - The big event on Eve Radio occurred Friday night/Saturday morning as the Funky Bacon show broadcast a face-off between Eve News 24 proprietor riverini and current CSM Chairman The Mittani.  The broadcast of the 3 hour show will appear on the rewind section of Eve Radio until the 9th.  Look for the show titled "CSM 7 Debate (cover)" that ran Saturday 00:00 on 3rd of March 2012.

Hopefully this information will help make an informed choice.  If not, it should keep people busy.  And don't forget to vote.

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