Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quote of the Week

"So dear readers, if you suffer from the lack of "game" in WoW, join me in EVE. They say it's a harsh, evil world, but it's a lie, EVE is nice and friendly.  You are desperately needed to fix that!"
- Gevlon Goblin

Perhaps I shouldn't watch The History of the MC before reading blogs, but I was hot-dropped at the end of the day in real life and the resulting TiDi led me leaving work two hours later than planned.  So I put in a documentary and lost myself in Eve on the train ride home.  I think the whole concept of PvP as business put my in a receptive state of mind when I read Gevlon's announcement that he will stop raiding in World of Warcraft (at least until the pandas arrive) and move to New Eden.

I've written before that I enjoy reading and listening to new players describe Eve, but Gevlon is a rather famous blogger who made a name for himself playing the auction house and otherwise making money.  I can tell he has put a lot of thought and research into this move and I really want to see what happens.  I hope he posts it all.

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