Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Day Before Fanfest

I'm a little tired but not hung over after yesterday's festivities.  I spent most of the day doing the Golden Circle tour.  I was sitting near the back of my bus near a Jagermeister-less DNS Black, the CEO of Dirt Nap Squad.  While driving around the countryside it was very interesting to hear not only his stories but those from others in the bus.  And the views were pretty good also.

Geysir geothermal area

Gullfoss waterfall

Afterwards I went to The English Pub to check on the Eve University meetup, but didn't know it had moved to the Thingholt hotel until I got home, so I headed to the Tweetfleet meetup at The Celtic Cross.  It was pretty crowded with a lot of CCP devs present.  I think I saw CCP Sreegs, CCP Navigator and CCP Sunset along with The Mittani, Raivi, Michael Bolton.  Later on I spotted CCP Punkturis at the downstairs bar attacting a lot of attention.  I was going to ask a UI question for someone, but she and her husband left so when I finally managed to talk with CCP Punkturis, I asked the question I had been wondering about.  It is true, CCP Navigator and the new head of marketing at CCP, David Reid, really are two different people.  They just look like they are twins.  And I should add that CCP Punkturis is really a charming young lady.

Remarkably, after drinking more than I have in a long time, I actually felt better than I have this entire trip when I woke up today.  So now on to registration.  And if you ever make it to Fanfest, take the Golden Circle tour if you get the chance.

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