Thursday, March 15, 2012

CCP Voter Suppression Effort?

Between the stress at work and the excitement of my upcoming trip to Fanfest, I may not be thinking clearly.  Case in point, logging into Eve last night.  As often happens, an ad was displayed.

"NO VOTES NERF BOATS".  In big letters on a red background.  Adjusting my tin foil headgear, that could only refer to one thing.  The famous Goonswarm fleet commander Dabigredboat.  So if people don't vote in the CSM election Dabigredboat gets nerfed?  Is CCP trying to suppress the voting for CSM by convincing people in alliances like Raiden. that they will be rewarded for not showing up to the polls?

Then I took off the hat and remembered that suppressing the votes from the Goon's enemies would just guarantee The Mittani's victory, perhaps even giving him an overwhelming mandate.  I'm pretty sure that is the last thing the senior management at CCP wants to see.  So no conspiracy here.  Nothing to see.  Carry on.

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