Thursday, December 20, 2012

Exploring Success

Normally when I head out exploring in low sec systems I don't have much success. I might get a radar site and sometimes the occasional gravimetric site. But last night was wonderful. With 30 minutes of probing I found two radar sites, a magnetometric site and a large gneiss deposit. I'm not sure if that is because probing is harder since Retribution or whether I just got lucky.

So with no one else in system I began running the radar and mag sites.  Over the next 90 minutes the price estimator built into the inventory told me I had raked in over 73 million ISK.  Perhaps for a lot of you that is chump change but that is the most I've ever made in Eve doing two hours worth of work.

I should say something about the Bellicose.  I chose to use it to provide DPS while I hacked and salvaged using a Jaguar.  Oh.  My.  God!  With heavy missiles that ship is a beast, at least going up against NPCs.  I even ran into a pirate battleship escorted by two elite cruisers.  They managed to knock my shields down by 25% before I was able to kill all three ships.  The only reason that happened is that I wanted to test my tank.  The scary part is I had forgotten to check my drone bay before going out.  With the AI's penchant for shooting drones I only had two in the drone bay.  That's okay.  I didn't need them.

I do have to admit I did do some mining in the gravimetric site.  I filled up two ore bays full of prismatic gneiss but then felt a bit uncomfortable sticking around as the Amarr militia started showing up to do some offensive plexing.  Those new jump gates are apparently working as intended and I'm seeing control slowing slipping away from the Minmatar.  Maybe everyone will overlook the site and I can go back tomorrow.  Probably not, but it is gneiss so I can hope.

So for those who wonder, yes I do play Eve during the week when I can get home at a decent time.  I probably should not have played for 3 hours but I was on a roll and needed to take advantage while I had the chance.  If my luck reverts back to normal tomorrow maybe I can finally start playing with snowballs.



    Why are you wasting time mining gneiss?

    1. He builds his own stuff with what he mines. He wants the Mex, the Iso and the Zyd, I'd expect for what he makes. The current mineral value on the market is rather irrelevant to him and how he plays and lives in low sec.

    2. Traveling to high sec in order to bring minerals back into low sec to build things might be smart, but I don't think that way. If I'm going to live in low sec I want to stay in low sec even if it doesn't seem optimal.

  2. When determining whether an amount is chump change or not convert it into mISK per hour. 35 mISK per hour is a good rate. You did well. *smile*

    1. Never really get this ISK/hour thing.

      My math is like this: (sense of accomplishment + luck) / thing you do / hour = Fun you had

      So, (10+10)/(1/0.5) = 10!

      So the score is 10 out of 10 for fun!

  3. It is a matter of luck. Most grav sites that I scan down when I get home have 2-3 sad mostly-mined rocks left.

    People seem to be scanning far more than they were doing 2 months ago. While working mag sites, it is common for someone to warp in on me before I've finished the site, and we all race for the waste/debris cans.