Friday, March 22, 2013

An Interesting Coincidence?

One of the reasons that today's tin foil hats don't work is that they are made out of aluminum, not tin.  Tin foil allegedly became scarce because food wrapped in tin foil  had a slightly tinny taste which aluminum foil does do.  Personally I've always subscribed to the theory that once the government perfected the mind control rays that they needed to get rid of the protection that true tin foil hats offered.  I blame the Trilateral Commission, The Council of Foreign Relations, and George W. Bush.

Why bring up the subject of tin foil hats?  Because Eve is real and what happens in New Eden affects the real world markets.  Don't believe me?  Look at this chart of stock prices for Alcoa Inc, a major producer of aluminum.

Notice when the stock started soaring in price?  One day after the release of Retribution 1.1.5.  A lot of bot developers and bot users started getting paranoid that day.  Coincidence?  Well, don't blame me.  I've had my tin foil hat for a long time.  And it's the real thing.


  1. Everyone who knows anything knows that tinfoil is insufficient these days. One needs to use Iridium foil, or if on a budget, a double-layer of Tungsten foil.

    1. I prefer my trusty (if slightly damp) mercury hat. Smells nice, too.