Monday, March 11, 2013

Red Guard: It's Unbelievable!

Oftentimes covering Eve Online's botting scene is boring and filled with inaction.  But sometimes things get crazy.  Some of you who have followed my coverage of CCP's War on Bots will find this tweet from CCP Sreegs amusing.

That's right, Red Guard is no longer freeware.  Cost to purchase: $25.  And here's where I started laughing.  "The charge is $25 per update. 'Update' means CCP action (deliberate or not) that forces me to go back and recode parts of RG. It DOES NOT mean a bugfix release or snoopcode change."

Of course, that doesn't happen a lot.  Besides what happened last Tuesday, the last time the developer had to update code was way back on 19 February.  That's 3 weeks ago for those reading in the future.  So for those who wish to continue to use Red Guard, be aware that not only can the prices get fairly expensive but when the application does need to be updated, whoever is using it at the time will most likely receive a permanent ban.

I also found an amusing statement from civan, the Red Guard developer, on the Public Demands forums.  That's right, I'm actually linking to Public Demands forums.  Unlike all the other sites I visit this one is open to the public.  I love this quote he gave 36 hours before Team Security sprang their little surprise:
"Well, you want input. IMO you sound funny. You sound quite paranoid about CCP detection methods, hint there are three - sending bad exceptions, tripping sanity filters (actions per second, hours played etc.), and getting reported by a player."
I like this quote so much I actually took a screenshot to record it just in case civan tries to send it down the memory hole.

Looks like he was wrong, wasn't he?


  1. Thats a great idea for a service, pay once to get baned as soon as you stop paying for updates :P

    As long as this business model aims at botters its pretty fine for me.

  2. Cost of goods + "software support" + advertising - sell price = dwindling profits. ;)

  3. He just wants what's coming to him before you get what's coming to you...
    I guess RMT not currently as profitable as ripping off your own customers...


  4. That basically means that only RMTers will be able to bot (or at least to use this software to protect their accounts). A good news !

  5. If I were CCP I'd try to figure out what will cause a reprogram and do it as often as possible just to make it as expensive as possible for the bottlers who use RG =)