Wednesday, January 18, 2023

BDO's Land Of The Morning Light Expansion Launched Today

With Pearl Abyss still struggling to launch Crimson Desert, the South Korean game company needs to rely on its Black Desert franchise to maintain revenue and investor confidence. Hopefully today's launch of the Land of the Morning Light expansion will help.

The following highlights were featured in the maintenance notes.

  • New Class Maegu Added
  • Winter Season Graduation Begins
  • Character and Storage Silver Integration
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Node War Improvements
  • Marni's Realm - Thornwood Forest added
  • Guild Bonus System Improvements

The Maegu is a twin class with the Woosa, which was introduced on PC in December. Black Desert Mobile saw the introduction of the classes was reversed, with Maegu introduced in December and Woosa introduced now. Pearl Abyss produced a video explaining the twin class concept.

Perhaps the introduction of Asian inspired classes will help with the games' popularity in Asia, particularly Black Desert Mobile's. As an EVE player, I recognize that Black Desert succeeding is good for my game as well. Hopefully we don't see the disaster that hit Pearl Abyss' stock price with the introduction of BDM in China. So far, so good as PA stock rose ₩350 in trading today.

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