Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Changes To The Gold Saucer In 6.3 And My New Mount

I admit I am somewhat addicted to the Manderville Gold Saucer in Fiinal Fantasy XIV. A mix between a casino and an old school game room, the Gold Saucer offers everything from a weekly lottery drawing to a timed basketball hoop shooting game. Home to FFXIV's triple triad tournaments, chocobo racing, and minion battles, I've heard the Gold Saucer described as World of Warcraft's Dark Moon Faire, but much bigger and better.. And did I mention the jumping puzzles? Not content to settle for the status quo, the place received some changes in Patch 6.3.

First, two new prizes were added to the redemption center.

The new items in Patch 6.3

I had slowed down my play in the Gold Saucer as I approached the cap of 9,999,999 Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP). The new Blackjack airship mount put a big dent in my wallet at 4 million MGP. When I finished up at the Gold Saucer, I went back to my island and took my new mount for a spin.

Floating over my island in Blackjack

The other item is a minion. The Mama Automaton floats around characters, doing up and down motions if motionless for too long.

Mama Automaton floating behind me

The developers also added a new jumping puzzle area to the Gold Saucer named Sylphstep. Each of the three areas have different layouts within the areas that changes each time opened up. For those interested, Yoshi-P tried to complete Sylphstep on stream during the Producer's Live Letter. While he's a world class Black Mage, he wasn't able to complete the course.

For those who have never visited the Gold Saucer, one cannot just enter a jumping puzzle and run it over and over again. Every 20 minutes, the proprietors of the facility offer Gold Saucer Active Time Events (GATEs). The GATEs randomly select one of three events in which players can participate. The new schedule for Patch 6.3 is:

Every hour, on the hour (Earth Time)
    • Air Force One
    • Cliffhanger
    • Leap of Faith (The Falling City of Nym)
Hourly, 20 minutes past the hour (Earth Time)
    • Any Way the Wind Blows
    • The Slice Is Right
    • Leap of Faith (The Fall of Belah'dia)
Hourly, 40 minutes past the hour (Earth Time)
    • The Slice Is Right
    • Air Force One
    • Leap of Faith (Sylphstep)

I don't have screenshots because I wasn't lucky enough to draw Sylphstep, so hopefully the image from the patch notes will do.

Sylphstep from the patch notes

I didn't really need more than the new mount, but a new Leap of Faith map will definitely help keep the content from becoming stale. Now, to go off and try to finally see the new jumping puzzle.

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