Tuesday, January 10, 2023

My Very First Look At My Island Sanctuary In Patch 6.3

I woke up early to download Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.3 this morning. Since I didn't have time to do anything very serious, I decided to look at the changes on my island.

Of course, the first thing I did was see what new stuff I could buy. I had saved up 135,000 seafarer's cowries, one of the two Island Sanctuary currencies, for the occasion. The price list of the new items is below:

New in patch 6.3

The selection is pretty nice. A new minion, fashion accessory, triple triad card, and two accessory kits to enhance a character's adventurer plate. Plus four outdoor furnishings for homes, which might come in handy if I ever get the itch to move out of my apartment.

The new umbrella and one of the new poses

With the window shopping done, I next moved over to Felicitous Furball, who now had a quest icon over his head. I talked to the little mammet and received the receipe for an iron axe. Making the iron axe opened up 5 new types of material to gather. Of course, I had to find the spots myself. So off I went exploring.

Four of the five new materials are gathered from existing nodes. I put the existing material that corresponds to each tree so players can use the sanctuary gathering log to find the spots.

  • Mahogany Tree - Wood Opal (Island Log)
  • Apple Tree - Beehive Chip (Island Apple)
  • Tualog Tree - Resin (Island Branch)
  • Palm Tree - Coconut (Island Palm Leaf)

The new gathering node is the multicolor blossoms which yields Multicolored Isleblooms. The map where I found them is below.

If you want to hold a small beach party with 14 of your closest friends, the northern island marked is a good place.

I also tried out a couple of the new UI improvements. The collect all for harvesting my crops and leavenings from my pasture worked wonderfully. I also captured a new animal and was able to release an animal under the mammets' care with no issues. Just remember to go to the pasture and tell the mammets you want to care for the new animal if you are lazy like me.

Next came the improvements to the workshop UI. Figuring out what to make was a real pain point due to all the switching back and forth between screens. For 6.3, the devs put in some really useful filters.

Finding the best products for the week

But wait, there's more. The devs also updated the UI used to select items to manufacture items.

Don't really need the Supply/Demand page anymore

If a player desires to just build from a category, all that is needed is to open up the category and figure out the best items to make. All the information is on the page now. Personally, I would still use the Supply/Demand page to find the categories I want, but from there go to the Set Agenda page to further refine my choices.

For those who wanted more information, I can just say I only had a few hours before work to explore a bit and write this post. The leveling process from 10 to 12 will take me some time, because I don't plan to kill myself. Hitting level 11 requires 42,000 experience points and I only gained a little over 10,000 today. I do need to gather a lot of the new materials for my workshop this week, but no where near enough to reach a new level. Besides, island sanctuary is meant as side content. I have a heck of a lot of the main content to go through before patch 6.4 is released in May.

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