Friday, January 6, 2023

The Heavensward Dungeon Upgrades Are Complete

On Tuesday, Creative Business Unit III finishes updating all of the main scenario quest duties for Final Fantasy XIV's Heavensward expansion with the release of patch 6.3. Not only will the following 4-character dungeons be part of the Duty Support system, but other things, like floor tells, will also be brought up to modern standards. 

  • The Great Gubal Library (level 59)
  • The Aetherochemical Research Facility (level 60)
  • The Antitower (level 60)
  • Sohr Khai (level 60)
  • Xelphatol (level 60)
  • Baelsar's Wall (level 60)

With the last of the Heavensward MSQ dungeons complete, the developers only need to upgrade the 8 MSQ dungeons in the Stormblood expansion over the next two patches to complete the task. Also, patch 6.3 completes the modernization for the complete free trial for Final Fantasy XIV.

The upgrades do not eliminate the need to group with other players to progress through the MSQ. I counted 8 8-character trials in A Realm Reborn and 4 in Heavensward required to complete the main story of FFXIV.  And of course, players still need to complete the three level 50 alliance raids that comprise the Crystal Tower quests to enter Heavensward

The upgrades also do not eliminate the need to group to complete non-MSQ content. So no, Yoshi-P did not turn FFXIV into a completely solo game. Looking at the list of content, not even close. But for Final Fantasy fans who haven't tried FFXIV because of the forced grouping, the game is a little better now.

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